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Document misc and number.

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 .. automodule:: webhelpers.misc
 .. currentmodule:: webhelpers.misc
+.. autofunction:: all(seq[, pred])
+.. autofunction:: any(seq[, pred])
+.. autofunction:: no(seq[, pred])
+.. autofunction:: count_true(seq[, pred])
+.. autofunction:: convert_or_none
+.. autoclass:: DeclarativeException
+    :members:
+    :undoc-members:


 .. automodule:: webhelpers.number
 .. currentmodule:: webhelpers.number
+.. autofunction:: percent_of
+.. autofunction:: mean
+.. function:: average(r)
+    Another name for ``mean(r)``.
+.. autofunction:: median
+.. autofunction:: standard_deviation
+.. autoclass:: SimpleStats
+    :members:
+    :undoc-members:
+.. autoclass:: Stats
+    :members:
+    :undoc-members:
+.. autofunction:: format_number


 def convert_or_none(value, type_):
     """Return the value converted to the type, or None if error.
     ``type_`` may be a Python type or any function taking one argument.
     >>> print convert_or_none("5", int)
     """A simpler way to define an exception with a fixed message.
     >>> class MyException(DeclarativeException):
     ...     message="can't frob the bar when foo is enabled"
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