Mike Orr avatar Mike Orr committed b5f0613

Set version to 0.6.4-dev.

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     from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-version = '0.6.3'
+version = '0.6.4'


         literal(u'<select id="cc" name="cc">\\n<option selected="selected" value="VISA">VISA</option>\\n<option value="MasterCard">MasterCard</option>\\n<option selected="selected" value="Discover">Discover</option>\\n</select>')
         >>> select("currency", None, [["$", "Dollar"], ["DKK", "Kroner"]], prompt="Please choose ...")
         literal(u'<select id="currency" name="currency">\\n<option selected="selected" value="">Please choose ...</option>\\n<option value="$">Dollar</option>\\n<option value="DKK">Kroner</option>\\n</select>')
+        >>> select("privacy", 3L, [(1, "Private"), (2, "Semi-public"), (3, "Public")])
+        literal(u'<select id="privacy" name="privacy">\\n<option value="1">Private</option>\\n<option value="2">Semi-public</option>\\n<option selected="selected" value="3">Public</option>\\n</select>')
     _set_id_attr(attrs, id, name)
     attrs["name"] = name
     if selected_values is None:
         selected_values = ('',)
     # Turn a single string or integer into a list
-    elif isinstance(selected_values, (basestring, int)):
+    elif isinstance(selected_values, (basestring, int, long)):
         selected_values = (selected_values,)
     # Cast integer values to strings
     selected_values = map(unicode, selected_values)
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