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     description='Web Helpers',
 Web Helpers is a library of helper functions intended to make writing 
-templates in web applications easier. 
+templates in web applications easier. It's the standard function library for
+Pylons and TurboGears 2.  It also contains a large number of functions not
+specific to the web, including text processing, number formatting, date
+calculations, container objects, etc.
-One of the sub-sections of Web Helpers contains a full port of the 
-template helpers that are provided by Ruby on Rails with slight 
-adaptations on occasion to accomodate for Python.
+The current documentation is in the module docstrings.  New web documentation is
+being prepared as part of the Pylons 0.9.7 project.  Questions or feedback about
+WebHelpers can be submitted to the `pylons-discuss
+<>`_ mailing list. 
 A few of these helpers require `Routes <>`_ 
 to function.
-* `Development svn <>`_
+* `Development version <>`_
+  (Mercurial)
     author='Mike Orr, Ben Bangert, Phil Jenvey',