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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Add SQLAlchemy tests.
Add URL generator classes to paginate. Rename Grid 'url' arg.
Mike Orr
Use MarkupSafe package for ``literal`` and ``escape`` in HTML Builder.
New URL generator algorithm for Paginate.
Philip Jenvey
these assume dict ordering, disable (for now) on Jython
Christoph Haas
Additional tests for webhelpers.paginate
Christoph Haas
Parameters renamed. Item indices start at 1 instead of 0.
Christoph Haas
Tidied up paginate module. Re-inserted get_wrapper for ORM access instead of using pagination.orm. Removed 'ajax_id' and 'framework' parameters from pager() call. Instead the new paramter 'onclick' to pager() accepts a string that is used as an onclick action to the 'a href' tag with '%s' substituted by the destination URL. Rudimental debug logging removed.
David Montgomery
Increased PEP 8/pylint compliance. Added some comments.
David Montgomery
Moved paginate tests to tests/ Got them passing.