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Mike Orr
Fix bug handling existing query params; add support for multiple values.
Mike Orr
Urlencode ``urlify()`` return value in case it contains "?".
Mike Orr
Add attribution.
Mike Orr
Preserve case of "method" arg in ``button_to()`` for XHTML compatibility.
Mike Orr
Add "type" argument to ``text()`` for new HTML 5 input types.
Mike Orr
Don't add an "id" attribute to hidden tags generated by render().
Mike Orr
Use MarkupSafe package for ``literal`` and ``escape`` in HTML Builder.
Mike Orr
Bump dev version to 1.2.
Mike Orr
Version 1.1 docs.
Mike Orr
Remove _jsmin due to licensing; make ``minify`` use external jsmin package.
Mike Orr
Remove stray Routes dependency in ``webhelpers.paginate``.
Bugfix re URLs surrounded by []. Bug #32.
Mike Orr
Clarify changelog.
Mike Orr
Change 'id' argument behavior for input tags.
Release version 1.0rc1.
Bugfix in format_data_size if size <=0, found by Marcin Kuzminski.
``get_many()`` helper.
Set default version for ``RssFeed`` base class to "?".
Change ``ListGrid`` constructor args.
Mike Orr
New ``format_exception()`` helper.
Fix versions in Changelog.
Add code to work with other iterable containers, by Martin Kuzminski.
Bugfix in canada_provinces, reported by rpetrello.
Import sqlalchemy.orm alongside sqlalchemy to avoid errors on some workstations.
Rename grid classes.
New URL generator algorithm for Paginate.
Don't allow extra positional args in ``Page`` constructor.
Add ``ignore_duplicate`` argument, contributed by Martin Lulek (ergo)
Grid updates by Ergo, mainly styling and CSS classes.
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