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Refine Sprox workaround to check for exact exception reported.
Revert 82b9f9942bb (collection indexing/Sprox), see changelog 1.3b2 section.
Bugfix in paginate collection indexing.
Add URL generator classes to paginate. Rename Grid 'url' arg.
Marius Gedminas
Multiple typos fixed.
Fix module name in docstring.
Support page param in route path when using Routes explicit mode.
Mike Orr
Remove stray Routes dependency in ``webhelpers.paginate``. (This does not remove all Routes dependencies.)
Add code to work with other iterable containers, by Martin Kuzminski.
Import sqlalchemy.orm alongside sqlalchemy to avoid errors on some workstations.
New URL generator algorithm for Paginate.
Don't allow extra positional args in ``Page`` constructor.
Luke Stebbing
Document 'paginate'.
Delete webhelpers.string24. Reorganize markdown and textile docs (again).
Mike Orr
Change for SQLAlchemy 0.6 (can't do 'if collection:').
Ben Bangert
Use anything except 0.3
Ben Bangert
Handle 0.6 SA
Ben Bangert
Adding presliced list option to avoid slicing when list is already sliced
Christoph Haas
Added patch from Clemens Herrmann to deal with explicit Routes mappers in paginate
Christoph Haas
webhelpers.paginate: allow None as initial page number e.g.: page=webhelpers.paginate.Page(items, page=None) This is useful in scenarios like: page=webhelpers.paginate.Page(items, page=request.params.get('page')) which had formerly to be written as page=webhelpers.paginate.Page(items, page=request.params.get('page', 1))
Christoph Haas
Increased webhelpers.paginate version number. Added to CHANGELOG.
Christoph Haas
Partially applied patch provided by Clemens Herrmann _pagerlink and _range moved into Page._pagerlink and Page._range for easier overriding by own methods Page.pager's "onclick" parameter now supports '$partial_url' in addition to '%s' and '$page' for the page number
Christoph Haas
An item_count of 0 is now processed correctly.
Christoph Haas
Added support for SQLAlchemy 0.5
Mike Orr
Fix doctests.
Christoph Haas
SQLAlchemy checking failed for non-float-convertable versions like "0.4.2p3"
Christoph Haas
Minor typo.
Christoph Haas
Documentation added.
Christoph Haas
Parameters renamed. Item indices start at 1 instead of 0.
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