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Mike Orr
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Marcin Kuzminski writes:

the content tag, (take a look a bitbuckets or githubs atom feeds ) could handle some extra html content, i was thinking to make the Rss2 feed capable of filling this tag with feed.add_item(). I could write a patch for rss2 to handle content tag. This tag is very handy and can support html/xml inside.

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  1. Mike Orr reporter

    OK, if other sites are using it. Would it work with Atom feeds and the Geo subclasses too?

    I don't know much about feeds or what they should be like, so can you outline your proposal to Ben Bangert and see what he thinks about it? If he's OK with it, I'm OK with it.

    One issue is that we periodically update Feedgenerator to the Django original. So ideally the patch would be in just a few places that would be easy to reapply after synchronizing. Also note the comments at the top of the file that list every change from the Django original.

    Make sure to create tags using the tag builder and not string concatenation. That's a WebHelpers standard.

  2. Marcin Kuzminski

    Please make a correction. We're talking only about ATOM v.1.0 (Atom1Feed class) . Rss v2.0 doesn't handle content tags. In my original post i made a mistake writing about the RssFeedGenerator.

    to answer your questions from previos tasks: <generator> - is used for info about an agent that generated the feed (site name or company name)

    One big advantage of atom over rss is the content tag. In the content tag there's posibble to use [x]html syntax (and some others). For [x]html you can put some ol or ul tags etc, to make richer output. I know how to simple implement the [x]html, and not so sure about the other stuff that can go into the content tag. I'll read more on that topic than and see if django have this.

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