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Marcin Lulek
created an issue

I was thinking recently if it would be easly possible to add new functionality to paginate webhelper, to allow for caching results based on for example beaker regions, or even not results but just counts generated by it - one can do that manually and pass count result but i think we could improve that somehow?

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  1. Mike Orr

    Can it be done without making paginate depend on Pylons or Beaker? I'm trying to keep everything outside the pylonslib directory framework-neutral, although it's difficult because of hidden assumptions in old helpers (including paginate, which used to depend on url_for() -- bad) I just want to get out of adding to WebHelpers and move on to other things. Maybe you can suggest an approach on pylons-devel and we'll see where it belongs (whether in WebHelpers or not). We can also pull Christoph Haas in; he's the Paginate author and maintainer.

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