Pyramid incompatibilities: Paginate, Flash, pylonslib, etc

Issue #54 resolved
Mike Orr
created an issue

Several helpers are tied to Pylons 1 and do not work under Pyramid. These include Paginate, Flash, and everything under webhehlpers.pylonslib.

For Paginate, see <<issue 53>>.

For Flash and pylonslib, these helpers depend on Pylons' magic globals for the request/response/session objects. Pyramid has these objects but not the globals. You'll have to copy and modify the helper to pass the objects in a Pyramid-friendly manner.

Overall, we need to decide how to integrate Paginate, and whether to start a new pyramidlib module, or make generic versions of the pylonslib helpers.

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  1. Mike Orr reporter

    Pyramid has its own implementations of Flash and Secure Form Token in its Session interface.

    The new webhelpers.html.grid functionality in b2837d7854a2 (pre 1.3) provide the functionality of webhelpers.pylonslib.grid in a framework-neutral manner, according to Grid's author.

    The only other thing is, which is a stub for a deleted helper. It was removed for licensing reasons, and is available in the separate distribution "jsmin".

    webhelpers.pylonslib will remain as-is for backward compatibility. We might remove the grid class if nobody except Grid's author is using it.

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