Paginate support for PyMongo & Mongokit

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Mark Leyden
created an issue

Hi, I have added support for pymongo and mongokit to the paginate module attached. Perhaps you might want to add in the future?

Regards, Mark.

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  1. Anonymous

    Agreed, and the following from appears to do just that:

    class CursorWrapper(object):
        """Wraps the MongoDB cursor to work with the paginate module."""
        def __init__(self, cur): 
            self.cur = cur
        __iter__ = lambda self: self.cur.__iter__()
        __len__ = lambda self: self.cur.count()
        __getitem__ = lambda self, key: self.cur.__getitem__(key)
    # db query
    cursor = request.db['items'].find().sort("created", pymongo.DESCENDING)
    # paginate
    current_page = int(request.params.get("page", 1))
    items = Page(CursorWrapper(cursor), current_page, url=url_generator, 
                    items_per_page=12, item_count=cursor.count())
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