Upgrade to Markdown 2.0

Issue #6 resolved
Mike Orr
created an issue

Yoann Roman silentsound@gmail.com: When will WebHelpers be upgraded to Markdown 2.0? The extension API changed quite a bit from 1.7 and exposes functionality that I need.

Mike Orr: Are there any compatibility issues for existing applications?

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  1. Mike Orr reporter

    Deprecated webhelpers.markdown in e2ca41fe51b6. Users should migrate to the Markdown package on PyPi (now at version 2.0.3) or to the alternative Markdown2 package.

    The markdown() helper now takes a 'markdown' argument to specify which implementation to use, otherwise it will attempt to import 'markdown', or fall back to 'webhelpers.markdown' with a deprecation warning.

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