test_distance_of_time_in_words fails before a leap year

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Andrey Rakhmatullin
created an issue

self.assertEqual("1 year", distance_of_time_in_words(0, 31536000)) fails now with "AssertionError: '1 year' != '11 months and 30 days'" because 31536000 is 365 days, and one full year from now is 366 days.

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  1. Mike Orr

    Fixed in 68639fc711eb. The test tests the interval between "now" and "a year from now". This fails if this year or next year is a leap year. Adjusted the test to first try it as a non-leap year, then if that fails to try it again as a leap year.

  2. David Malcolm

    Debian's bug tracker entry for this http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=629699 notes that distance_of_time_in_words returns different values depending on the current time (and timezone):

    $ export TZ=Europe/Warsaw
    $ for d in 01-01 03-01 03-02 03-27 04-02 10-30; do faketime "2011-$d UTC" python -c 'import webhelpers.date as d; print d.distance_of_time_in_words(0, 31536000)'; done
    1 year
    11 months and 28 days
    11 months and 30 days
    11 months, 30 days and 1 hour
    11 months and 29 days
    11 months, 29 days and 23 hours

    FWIW, I'm also tracking this downstream for Fedora, as https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=715831

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