RSS2 fields for feedgenerator

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Mike Orr
created an issue

Patch by vince spicer for RSS2 fields for feedgenerator

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  1. Mike Orr reporter
    • changed status to open

    Patch is buggy. It sets 'generator' and 'source' at the top level of the feed, but tries to write them at the item level where they don't exist. Which level are they supposed to be at?

  2. Mike Orr reporter

    Patch will be lost with impending upgrade to Django feedgenerator. It can't be re-applied until we determine whether the properties are supposed to be at the top level or item level.

  3. Marcin Kuzminski

    the content tag, (take a look bitbucket or githubs atom feeds ) could handle some extra html content, i was thinking to make the Atom feed capable of filling this tag with feed.add_item().

    Edit: o man got it all wrong ! it's not the RssFeed that I'm talking about but atom. Sorry fot that.

  4. Mike Orr reporter

    OK, I opened another ticket for it: #35. This ticket is specifically for the "generator" and "content" tags. Do you know about them, what they should be?

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