most tests fail from, cite wrong no. of arguments given.

Issue #73 resolved
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Running tests in the version 1.3,

File "/mnt/gen2/TmpDir/portage/dev-python/webhelpers-1.3/work/WebHelpers-1.3/tests/", line xx, in test_yyyyyyyyyy eq_(m.mimetype('text/html'), 'text/html') File "/mnt/gen2/TmpDir/portage/dev-python/webhelpers-1.3/work/WebHelpers-1.3/webhelpers/", line 114, in mimetype self.env['HTTP_ACCEPT']) TypeError: init() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

lines of xx are 36, 44 53, 62, 78, 86 of tests/

matching tests of test_yyyyyyyyyy are; test_root_path test_with_extension test_with_unregistered_extention test_with_no_extention test_with_text_star_accept test_with_star_star_accept

lines read; eq_(m.mimetype('text/html'), 'text/html') or eq_(m.mimetype('text/html'), False) or eq_(m.mimetype('application/xml'), 'application/xml')

My count is 2 arguments for each and not 3. It has 1 between the ( ).
TypeError: init() suggests perhaps it's getting its init()s mixed up. Don't know. For you to sort.

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  1. idella5 reporter


    File webhelpers/ line 114, in mimetype self.env['HTTP_ACCEPT']) is causing the error, not the eq_(m.mimetype('text/html'), 'text/html')

    webob.acceptparse.MIMEAccept <== look at that

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