WebHelpers / webhelpers / pylonslib /

**This module is experimental. API changes are expected in the next version.
If your application depends on the current API, please copy the module into
your application.**

from webhelpers.html.builder import HTML, literal
import webhelpers.html.grid as grid

class NoRequestError(Exception):

class PylonsGrid(grid.Grid):
    Subclass of Grid that can handle header link generation for quick building
    of tables that support ordering of their contents, paginated results etc.
    def __init__(self, request, *args, **kw):
        self.request = request
        super(GridPylons, self).__init__(*args, **kw)
    def generate_header_link(self, column_number, column, label_text):
        """ This handles generation of link and then decides to call
        based on if current column is the one that is used for sorting or not
        from pylons import url
        # this will handle possible URL generation
        request_copy = self.request.copy().GET
        if not self.order_column: 
            self.order_column = request_copy.pop("order_col", None)
        if not self.order_dir:
            self.order_dir = request_copy.pop("order_dir", 'asc')
        if column == self.order_column and self.order_dir == "asc":
            new_order_dir = "dsc"
            new_order_dir = "asc"
        url_href = url.current(order_col=column, order_dir=new_order_dir,
        label_text = HTML.tag("a", href=url_href, c=label_text)
        # Is the current column the one we're ordering on?
        if column == self.order_column:
            return self.default_header_ordered_column_format(column_number,
            return self.default_header_column_format(column_number, column,

class PylonsObjectGrid(PylonsGrid):
    """ This grid will work well with sqlalchemy row instances """
    def default_column_format(self, column_number, i, record, column_name):
        class_name = "c%s" % (column_number)
        return HTML.tag("td", getattr(record, column_name), class_=class_name)
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