WebHelpers / tests /

from unittest import TestCase

import routes

class WebHelpersTestCase(TestCase):
    """Establishes a faux-environment for tests"""
    def test_environ(self):
        return {
            'HTTP_HOST': 'bob.local:5000',
            'PATH_INFO': '/test',
            'QUERY_STRING': 'test=webhelpers&framework=pylons',
            'REQUEST_METHOD': 'GET',
            'SERVER_NAME': '',
            'SCRIPT_NAME': '',
            'pylons.environ_config': dict(session='test.session'),
            'test.session': {},
            'wsgi.multiprocess': False,
            'wsgi.multithread': True,
            'wsgi.run_once': False,
            'wsgi.url_scheme': 'http'

    def setUp(self):
        map = routes.Mapper()

        self.routes_config = routes.request_config()
        self.routes_config.mapper = map
        self.routes_config.environ = self.test_environ()
        assert self.routes_config.mapper_dict
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