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"""This module imports all the same helpers as __init__, except they're
wrapped in literal for use in projects with auto-escaping"""
import warnings

from webhelpers.html import literal
from webhelpers.rails.asset_tag import *
from webhelpers.rails.urls import *
from webhelpers.rails.javascript import *
from webhelpers.rails.tags import *
from webhelpers.rails.prototype import *
from webhelpers.rails.scriptaculous import *
from webhelpers.rails.form_tag import *
from webhelpers.rails.secure_form_tag import *
from webhelpers.rails.text import *
from webhelpers.rails.form_options import *
from import *
from webhelpers.rails.number import *

# Disable doc tests; they fail when the helper is literalized.
__test__ = False

# Freaky as this may be, it wraps all the HTML tags in literal so they
# continue to work right with systems that recognize literal
def wrap_helpers(localdict):
    def helper_wrapper(func):
        def wrapped_helper(*args, **kw):
            return literal(func(*args, **kw))
            wrapped_helper.__name__ = func.__name__
        except TypeError:
            # < Python 2.4 
        wrapped_helper.__doc__ = func.__doc__
        return wrapped_helper
    for name, func in localdict.iteritems():
        if not callable(func) or name in ['literal', 'current_url']:
        localdict[name] = helper_wrapper(func)

from routes import url_for, redirect_to

def deprecated(func, message):
    def deprecated_method(*args, **kargs):
        warnings.warn(message, DeprecationWarning, 2)
        return func(*args, **kargs)
        deprecated_method.__name__ = func.__name__
    except TypeError:
        # Python < 2.4
    deprecated_method.__doc__ = "%s\n\n%s" % (message, func.__doc__)
    return deprecated_method

redirect_to = deprecated(redirect_to, 'webhelpers.rails.redirect_to is '
                         'deprecated, import redirect_to from routes instead')