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This directory contains helpers that aren't ready to put into the distribution.
Some work but need API changes or documentation. Others fail their tests or
don't work at all.


    Convert an int to any base using any alphabet. This can be used to encode
    base64, or to compress large numbers into fewer digits.


    Functions being considered for ``webhelpers.containers``.


    Failing tests for ``webhelpers.pylonslib.minify``.  Need expertise to
    tell whether these tests are valid or not.


    Beginning of a helper to generate a well-formed (X)HTML document with a 
    minimum of inputs (body, optional head, optional head features).


    An extension of Python's ``optparse`` module that adds standard logging
    options, including a new trace level and SQLAlchemy engine logging.
    The plan is to port it to the ``argparse`` module which is in PyPI and
    will be standard in Python 2.7 and 3.2.


    More multimedia helpers. These have various dependencies and file naming
    conventions which may not be appropriate for WebHelpers.


    The ``number_to_human_size()`` helper from WebHelpers 0.6.4 rails helpers.
    We're planning to offer a more comprehensive helper but haven't settled on
    the API yet; 
    see http://bitbucket.org/bbangert/webhelpers/issue/2/reinstate-number_to_human_size
    In the meantime, you can copy this version to your application if
    you need it.


    A unified opener for regular or compressed files. Leaving as is to see if
    we can make a better one in Python 3.


    Sanitize an arbitrary path (as from a file upload) to a safe filename.