This repository contains the scripts that are used to generate results presented in the article "Nucleotide excision repair is impaired by binding of transcription factors to DNA" by Sabarinathan et al., 2016.

Getting data and pre-processing

Dataset_and_Preprocessing.ipynb: This notebook contains information about the data set used in the analysis.

Scripts to perform mutation rate analysis

Scripts_Execution.ipynb: This notebook explains the steps to compute mutation and repair rate at TFBS/DHS centered regions that are presented in the article.

Analysis Notebooks

analysis_notebooks/README.ipynb: This folder contains notebooks to visualize the source code of the main figures and Extended Data Figures presented in the article. An overview of the results/figures can be found in the README file inside.

The actual data points of all figures presented in this article can be downloaded from here.


Thanks to Jordi Deu-Pons and Loris Mularoni for their contributions to this work.

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