Freezing, Unresponsive and Memory Issues

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After I installed nppColdFusion into NPP I started having issues intermittently. The most frequent symptom is that the application because unresponsive for between 5-10 seconds while I am editing text. The less frequent issue but more alarming issue is when it because unresponsive indefinately and when I check Task Manger the memory usage for NPP starts climbing. The highest I have yet to let it get before killing it is ~1GB. As soon as I remove the nppColdFusion files everything works fine.

Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated. I really like using NPP as my primary editor and on previous systems I have found nppColdFusion to be an excellent plugin.

After posting this I am going to try older versions of nppColdFusion to see if there is a difference.

=== My specs are: ===

Notepad++ v5.9.6.2

nppColdFusion 0.8.1

Windows 7 Professional 64

Intel Core i7-2820QM CPU @2.30GHz 2.3Ghz


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  1. Ben Bluemel repo owner


    Not seen this and my PC and colleagues PCs are fairly similar spec to yours (with the exception of not having as much ram).

    Could you let me know what other plugins you are using and what version of sqlite you installed?

    I need to get around to updating Notepad++ (We still use 5.9.3 as I run a slightly modified version to include this patch), as there maybe something in a newer notepad++ version that isn't playing nicely with nppCF.



  2. amichels reporter

    Here are the plugins I have installed. XML Tools is the only other plugin I have installed that doesn't come out of the box with NPP.

    • Converter 3.0
    • NppExport 0.2.8
    • NppFTP 0.24
    • Plugin Manager
    • Spell-Checker 1.3.3
    • XML Tools

    Thanks for looking into this. It is good to know this project continues to be active. If i was more familiar with C++ I would certainly try to contribute.

  3. Ben Bluemel repo owner

    Strange, I've used it all day yesterday on and not had any issues..have got XML Tools too (since xmlindent went south it's been very handy).

    Did you find it occurred in any between 0.6.8 and 0.8.1?

  4. amichels reporter

    I am currently trying 0.8.0 and have not seen any of the issues yet. I will update you if this changes.

    I just realized the the issues seem to happen specifically when I am editing a script component rather than a file written in traditional tag based CFML. Maybe that would help you recreate it.

  5. Ben Bluemel repo owner

    That actually makes sense as to why I don't get it. Most of the CF code I do needs to be put on a CF8.0.1 server. So cannot really use the script based cfcs.

    Will take a look and see what I can find :)

  6. Anonymous

    Had almost the same issue within a <cfscript> enclosed code - strings that contain the <br/> tag were not being parsed properly - everything after them was considered a string. Also the memory issues - notepad++ becoming unresponsive when I was looking at that line of code or anything below it. If I was looking above it would work fine. Also it did the memory increase thing - reaching 1 GB and then going down and up - also 25% of cpu power.

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