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nppColdFusion / Autocomplete

From version 0.3 nppColdFusion includes Basic Context Sensitive Autocomplete.

This gives finer granularity over the autocomplete offering built into Notepad++, essentially it uses what the lexer part knows about the document and will partly use that to decide what autocomplete options to give you. Currently it processes the following, typing in <cf will mean the plugin will assume you want a ColdFusion tag, so will give you autocomplete options for ColdFusion tags:

ColdFusion Tag Autocomplete

typing in any other two characters it will give you the list of HTML keywords, so e.g <ht will do the following: HTML Tag Autocomplete

It also detects if you are in a CFQuery block of code, so typing in characters within a CFQuery block will give you SQL keywords: SQL Keywords Autocomplete

And at the moment it will use the first two autocomplete methods mentioned so you can still use ColdFusion Tags within a CFQuery Block. (And HTML ones, but I will look to exclude those in a later version).

Also in CFScript blocks (and to some extent cfif and cfset tags - see note after image), it will offer you the functions stored within ColdFusion:
ColdFusion Function Autocomplete

Note: At the moment, there is one restriction in that for the last two to work, the Lexer needs to have styled the Document up to the following line (so as long as you have a blank line after the line you're working on you should be fine. With cfif and cfset tags it only works if the tag is currently open on the line (i.e hasn't got a > on it). This is because the lexer has deemed that line to no longer be in that tag state, so when the autocomplete portion looks up that line's state, it will not be in a cfif or cfset tag. Again in a future release I'll look at lifting these restrictions.