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nppColdFusion / CFWheels Autocompletion

Using the CFWheels Autocompletion File

  1. Download cfwheels.xml and place it in the Notepad++\plugins\APIs folder.
  2. If you are using the ColdFusion User Defined Language (downloaded from the NPP site), rename cfwheels.xml to ColdFusion.xml (recommended until nppColdFusion is ready for public consumption).
  3. Ensure Function autocomplete is turned on in Notepad++ (Settings - Preferences - Backup/Auto-Completion. And tick the following boxes "Enable auto-completion on each input", "Function completion", "Function parameters hint on input").
  4. Type away in a Coldfusion file.


  • I mostly got the functions automatically picked out of the wheels source files, so there may be a function or two missing that didn't get matched by my regexes. (i haven't found any missing so far, but I could be wrong so let me know if you spot one).
  • In quite a few cases I've had to reduce the amount of blurb that pops up - this is due to a restriction in Notepad++ or Scintilla. I've tried to keep the popup as detailed as possible, but it really should be used as a quick reference only.
  • If any function popups don't display, then let me know (I did go through them all to check but I may have missed one or two).