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nppColdFusion / Local Variables

Syntax highlighting of Local ("Var Scoped") variables

From 0.8 of nppColdFusion there is support for local variables and providing a different style to those variables. This reduces the need for a separate tool such as VarScoper. See below: Local Variables

As you can see the var scoped variables have a slightly darker background (you can customise the style in the Style Configurator, if you prefer them to be highlighted differently).

Also you notice that using the ColdFusion 9 local keyword it will now provide autocompletion of the var scoped variables.

Known Issues

  • Currently doesn't work with <cfset var a = ''>, this will be fixed in the next release.
  • Using local.a to set a scoped variable will not show up as a var scoped variable nor in the autocomplete list. This is due to the functionality's primary focus which is making var scoped variables easily distinguishable from unscoped ones.