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nppColdFusion / Sources


I use Visual Studio C++ Express 2010 for nppColdFusion, which currently needs a couple of tweaks to get Notepad++ to compile.

-Grab the Notepad++ sources (either via SVN or download a package), and the nppColdFusion ones.
-Put the nppColdFusion folder in the same folder as the PowerEditor and Scintilla folders. (if you downloaded the npp sources this will be the folder you extract it to, if you download them via SVN then this would be the trunk folder).
-Create a config folder in the PowerEditor\bin\plugins folder.
-Compile a Unicode version (Debug or Release), and you should be good to go.

nppColdFusion Golden Rule

I have one golden rule for any functionality added to nppCF. Irrespective of how awesome the feature sounds, the default behaviour must never interfere with a user's standard workflow of writing code, that is assume they are writing code in plain old notepad without looking at the screen. So whatever they're doing to write the code, it should come out as they are expecting it to.

Examples: The main feature of 0.5.3 had auto complete for the closing tag, if you had:


and typed


and pressed enter to start a new line, it would take that enter as finalising the autocomplete making the user press enter again to get the desired effect. That is now fixed in 0.5.4.

Another Example: Typing in " shouldn't really put a closing one everytime someone types one.... because a user could end up with loads of "'s, and they many have end up wasting more time editing the file correcting where the "feature" was getting it wrong.


- Don Ho for Notepad++
- Garthex for updating npp-gmod-lua to use the latest Scintilla format
- Dovgan Vitaliy for Xbrackets Lite (used as a base for capturing input)
- My Colleagues Greg and David for using nppColdFusion for all their CF Development work, and providing valuable feedback (being my guinea pigs :D ).
- CFEclipse team, for a worthy alternative to Dreamweaver, and the cf9.xml file so I could write some fancy autocomplete stuff into nppCF.
- Pradeep Viswanathan, first retweeter of my announcements on twitter.
- marco:betschart, first blogger of nppColdFusion.
- orangepips, for recommending nppColdFusion on StackOverflow.
- Ricardo Parente for creating a blog post that created an unexpected surge of downloads of nppColdFusion (possibly partially attributed to @bittersweetryan's tweet).
- Ron for Komodo-CFML, I tried a few times to start on a Komodo plugin, but couldn't get my head around it so, props to you. Had I found it prior to committing myself to Notepad++, I probably would have tried helping improving that. :)
- Anyone else who has tweeted or passed the message on about