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nppColdFusion / Using CFWheels with nppColdFusion

Using the CFWheels autocomplete with nppColdFusion

The autocomplete file for CFWheels was designed for Notepad++'s built in autocomplete/calltip mechanism (back when nppColdFusion was a hack of LexHTML). 0.3 of nppColdFusion took a different approach to autocomplete and making it a bit more intelligent that the one built in to Notepad++.

And as such they are incompatible with each other.

Currently there are two options:

1) Use 0.2.5 of nppColdFusion, and the CFWheels xml file.. With this you lose the ColdFusion built in functions and tags (unless you make a different xml file merging together the one for ColdFusion, and the one for Wheels), and of course you also lose the Context Sensitive Autcomplete feature of nppCF.

2) You can use 0.3 (and above) of nppColdFusion, and paste the following into the User defined keywords for the CFFUNCTION style, in the Settings - Style Configurator Dialog in Notepad++:

CFWheels User defined keywords


addError addErrorToBase addRoute afterCreate afterDelete afterFind afterInitialization afterNew afterSave afterUpdate afterValidation afterValidationOnCreate afterValidationOnUpdate allChanges allErrors average beforeCreate beforeDelete beforeSave beforeUpdate beforeValidation beforeValidationOnCreate beforeValidationOnUpdate belongsTo buttonTo caches capitalize changedFrom changedProperties checkBox checkBoxTag clearErrors columnNames contentForLayout count create cycle dataSource dateSelect dateSelectTags dateTimeSelect dateTimeSelectTags daySelectTag delete deleteAll deleteByKey deleteOne deobfuscateParam distanceOfTimeInWords endFormTag errorCount errorMessageOn errorsOn errorsOnBase exists fileField fileFieldTag filters findAll findByKey findOne flash flashClear flashCount flashDelete flashInsert flashIsEmpty flashKeyExists get hasChanged hasErrors hasMany hasOne hiddenField hiddenFieldTag hourSelectTag humanize imageTag isAjax isGet isNew isPost javaScriptIncludeTag key maximum minimum minuteSelectTag model monthSelectTag new obfuscateParam passwordField pluginNames pluralize primaryKey property propertyNames radioButton radioButtonTag redirectTo reload renderNothing renderPage renderPartial renderText save secondSelectTag select selectTag sendEmail sendFile set setProperties singularize startFormTag styleSheetLinkTag submitTag sum table tableName textArea textAreaTag textField textFieldTag timeSelect timeSelectTags update updateAll updateByKey updateOne urlFor valid validate validateOnCreate validateOnUpdate validatesConfirmationOf validatesExclusionOf validatesFormatOf validatesInclusionOf validatesLengthOf validatesNumericalityOf validatesPresenceOf validatesUniquenessOf verifies yearSelectTag


This will add the CFWheels functions to the CF Functions Autocomplete list, and will show up in that list. Disadvantage of this is the calltips will not work.. Once a Notepad++ version is released that allows plugins to create calltips, I can port the autocomplete file into nppColdFusion for displaying the calltips for CFWheels.