amdt hadopi /

# coding:utf8

import sys
from urllib import urlopen
from re import compile
import re
from optparse import OptionParser
from pprint import pprint
from warnings import warn
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup


def clean_html(s):
    s = unicode(BeautifulSoup(s, convertEntities='html'))
    s = s.replace('\r\n', '')
    s = re.sub('<br.*/?>', '\n', s)
    s = re.sub('<!--.*-->', '', s)
#    s = s.encode('latin1', 'xmlcharrefreplace')
    return s

def single_finder(regex, flags=0):
    regex = compile(regex, flags)
    def finder(data):
        match =
        if match is not None:
            return clean_html(match.groups()[0])
    return finder

def many_finder(regex, flags=0):
    regex = compile(regex, flags)
    def finder(data):
        matches = regex.findall(data)
        if matches:
            return [clean_html(m) for m in matches]
    return finder

RE = {
        "number"    : single_finder('<meta name="NUM_AMENDG" content="([^"]+)">'),
        "alinea"    : single_finder('<meta name="DESIGNATION_ALINEA" content="([^"]+)">'),
        "article"   : single_finder('<meta name="DESIGNATION_ARTICLE" content="([^"]+)">'),
        "fate"      : single_finder('<meta name="SORT_EN_SEANCE" content="([^"]+)">'),
        "order"     : single_finder('<meta name="ORDRE_TEXTE" content="([^"]+)">'),
        "date"      : single_finder('<DATE_AMEND>([^>]*)</DATE_AMEND>'),
        "author"    : single_finder('<AUTEURS><p[^>]*>(.*)</p></AUTEURS>', re.M|re.S),
        "detail"    : many_finder('<DISPOSITIF><p [^>]*>(.*)</p></DISPOSITIF>'),
        "expose"    : many_finder('<EXPOSE><p [^>]*>(.*)</p></EXPOSE>'),
        "gov"       : single_finder('<tr>\s*<td[^>]*><NOEXTRACT><div>Gouvernement</div></NOEXTRACT>\s*</td>\s*<td[^>]*>([^<]*)\s*</td></tr>', re.M|re.S),
        "com"       : single_finder('<tr>\s*<td[^>]*><NOEXTRACT><div>Commission</div></NOEXTRACT>\s*</td>\s*<td[^>]*>([^<]*)\s*</td></tr>', re.M|re.S),
        "sous_amdt" : single_finder("\xe0 l\'amendement n\xb0 ([0-9]+)"),


class Amdt(object):

    def __init__(self, url, fill=True):
        self.url = url = {}
        if fill:

    def fill(self):
        content = urlopen(self.url).read() # grouik

        for key, finder in RE.iteritems():
            value = finder(content)
            if value is not None:
      [key] = value
            #    warn("Unable to find amendement's %s for %s" % (key, self.url))

def print_odt(amdts):
    # uses svn version from
    from odf.opendocument import OpenDocumentText
    from odf.text import P, Span
    from import Style, TextProperties

    textdoc = OpenDocumentText()
    s = textdoc.styles
    gras = Style(name="Gras", family="text")
    propriete = TextProperties(fontweight="bold")

    #print them
    for amdt in amdts:
        from pprint import pprint
        p = P(text=(u"Amendement "), )
        p.addElement(Span(stylename=gras, text=(u"%s, de %s" % ("number",""),"author","")))))
        p = P()
        p.addElement(Span(text=(u"Détail : "),stylename=gras))
        for detail in"detail", ()):
            p = P()
            p.addElement(Span(text=(u"%s\r\n" % detail)))
            p = P()
        p.addElement(Span(stylename=gras, text=(u"Exposé : ")))
        for expose in"expose", ()):
            p = P()
            p.addElement(Span(text=(u"%s\n" % expose)))
            p = P()
        p = P()
        pprint("amendements", True)

def print_wiki(amdts):
    for amdt in amdts:
        if 'sous_amdt' in
            header = u"Sous-amendement n° %s à l'am. %s - %s" % (['number'],['sous_amdt'],['article'])
            header = u'Amendement n° %s - %s' % (['number'],['article'])
            if 'alinea' in
                header += u', %s' %['alinea']
        print u"=== %s ===" % header
        print u"(%s) <br />" %['author'].replace("\n", " ")
        print u"[%s Amendement non encore analysé.]<br />" % (BASE_URL % int(['number'].split()[0]))
        print u"''Sans opinion.''"
        print ''

def print_pprint(amdt):
    for amdt in amdts:

outputs = {'wiki': print_wiki, 'odt': print_odt, 'pprint': print_pprint}

if __name__ == '__main__':
    usage = "usage: %prog [options] arg"
    #usage = "usage: %prog [options]"
    parser = OptionParser(usage)
    parser.add_option("-l", "--url-list", dest="url_list",
                      help="get amendements list from URL")
    parser.add_option("--stop-number", dest="stop",
                      help="stop reading url list at NUMBER")
    parser.add_option("--output", dest="output", default='pprint',
                      help="output (wiki, odt, pprint), default pprint")
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
    if len(args) != 0 and options.url_list:
        parser.error("--url-list not compatible with amdt number as args")

    if options.url_list:
        stop = options.stop or None
        urls = []
        regexp = "<td class='TexteColonnePlace'><A HREF=\"(?P<url>http.+)\">(?P<num>\d+)"
        data = urlopen(options.url_list).read()
        for m in re.finditer(regexp, data):
            if stop is not None and'num') == stop:
    elif args:
        urls = [ BASE_URL % (int(n)) for n in args]
        urls = [ url.strip() for url in urlopen(SOURCES)]

    # init amdts
    amdts = [ Amdt(url) for url in urls]

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