ckan - i18n - fr / CHANGELOG.txt


v0.3 2007-04-12

  * System now in a suitable state for production deployment as a beta
  * Domain model versioning via the vdm package (currently released separately)
  * Basic Recent Changes listing log messages
  * User authentication (login/logout) via open ID
  * License page
  * Myriad of small fixes and improvements

v0.2 2007-02

  * Complete rewrite of ckan to use pylons web framework
  * Support for full CRUD on packages and tags
  * No support for users (authentication)
  * No versioning of domain model objects

v0.1 2006-05

NB: not an official release

  * Almost functional system with support for persons, packages
  * Tag support only half-functional (tags are per package not global)
  * Limited release and file support
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