ckan - i18n - fr / development.ini

# ckan - Pylons development environment configuration
# The %(here)s variable will be replaced with the parent directory of this file
debug = true
email_to =
smtp_server = localhost
error_email_from = paste@localhost

use = egg:Paste#http
host =
port = 5001

use = egg:ckan
cache_dir = %(here)s/data
session_key = ckan
session_secret = somesecret

# If you'd like to fine-tune the individual locations of the cache data dirs
# for Myghty, the Cache data, or the Session saves, un-comment the desired
# settings here:
#myghty_data_dir = %(here)s/data/templates
#cache_data_dir = %(here)s/data/cache
#session_data_dir = %(here)s/data/sessions

# Specify the database for SQLAlchemy to use via
# pylons.database.session_context.
# %(here) may include a ':' character on Windows environments; this can
# invalidate the URI when specifying a SQLite db via path name
#sqlalchemy.dburi = sqlite:///%(here)s/somedb.db

# Specify the database for SQLObject to use via pylons.database.PackageHub.
# sqlobject.dburi = sqlite:///%(here)s/ckantest.db
sqlobject.dburi = postgres://ckantest:pass@localhost/ckantest

# Debug mode will enable the interactive debugging tool, allowing ANYONE to
# execute malicious code after an exception is raised.
#set debug = false

authkit.enable = true

# authkit.method = passurl
# = file
# = /tmp/passurl_store
# authkit.passurl.path.signedin = /account/login
# do *not* set these ourselves because middleware does not intercept them
# authkit.passurl.path.verify = /account/oid/verify
# authkit.passurl.path.process = /account/oid/process

authkit.cookie.secret = mysecret_authkit_cookie_secret
authkit.cookie.signout = /account/logout

authkit.method = form
authkit.users.setup = okfntest:okfntest
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