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v0.11 2010-01-25

Our biggest release so far (55 tickets) with lots of new features and improvements. This release also saw a major new production deployment with the CKAN software powering which had its public launch on Jan 21st!

For a full listing of tickets see: <>. Main highlights:

  * Package Resource object (multiple download urls per package): each package
    can have multiple 'resources' (urls) with each resource having additional
    metadata such as format, description and hash (#88, #89, #229)
  * "Full-text" searching of packages (#187)
  * Semantic web integration: RDFization of all data plus integration with an
    online RDF store (e.g. for at or Talis store) (#90 #163)
  * Package ratings (#77 #194)
  * i18n: we now have translations into German and French with deployments at and (#202)
  * Package diffs available in package history (#173)
  * Minor:

    * Package undelete (#21, #126)
    * Automated CKAN deployment via Fabric (#213)
    * Listings are sorted alphabetically (#195)
    * Add extras to rest api and to ckanclient (#158 #166)

  * Infrastructural:

    * Change to UUIDs for revisions and all domain objects
    * Improved search performance and better pagination
    * Significantly improved performance in API and WUI via judicious caching 

v0.10 2009-09-30

  * Switch to repoze.who for authentication (#64)
  * Explicit User object and improved user account UI with recent edits etc (#111, #66, #67)
  * Generic Attributes for Packages (#43)
  * Use sqlalchemy-migrate to handle db/model upgrades (#94)
  * "Groups" of packages (#105, #110, #130, #121, #123, #131)
  * Package search in the REST API (#108)
  * Full role-based access control for Packages and Groups (#93, #116, #114, #115, #117, #122, #120)
  * New CKAN logo (#72)
  * Infrastructural:

    * Upgrade to Pylons 0.9.7 (#71)
    * Convert to use formalchemy for all forms (#76)
    * Use paginate in webhelpers (#118)

  * Minor: 

    * Add author and maintainer attributes to package (#91)
    * Change package state in the WUI (delete and undelete) (#126)
    * Ensure non-active packages don't show up (#119)
    * Change tags to contain any character (other than space) (#62)
    * Add Is It Open links to package pages (#74)

v0.9 2009-07-31

  * (DM!) Add version attribute for package
  * Fix purge to use new version of vdm (0.4)
  * Link to changed packages when listing revision
  * Show most recently registered or updated packages on front page
  * Bookmarklet to enable easy package registration on CKAN
  * Usability improvements (package search and creation on front page)
  * Use external list of licenses from license repository
  * Convert from py.test to nosetests

v0.8 2009-04-10

  * View information about package history (ticket:53)
  * Basic datapkg integration (ticket:57)
  * Show information about package openness using icons (ticket:56)
  * One-stage package create/registration (r437)
  * Reinstate package attribute validation (r437)
  * Upgrade to vdm 0.4

v0.7 2008-10-31

  * Convert to use SQLAlchemy and vdm v0.3 (v. major)
  * Atom/RSS feed for Recent Changes
  * Package search via name and title
  * Tag lists show number of associated packages

v0.6 2008-07-08

  * Autocompletion (+ suggestion) of tags when adding tags to a package.
  * Paginated lists for packages, tags, and revisions.
  * RESTful machine API for package access, update, listing and creation.
  * API Keys for users who wish to modify information via the REST API. 
  * Update to vdm v0.2 (SQLObject) which fixes ordering of lists.
  * Better immunity to SQL injection attacks.

v0.5 2008-01-22

  * Purging of a Revision and associated changes from cli and wui (ticket:37)
  * Make data available in machine-usable form via sql dump (ticket:38)
  * Upgrade to Pylons 0.9.6.* and deploy (ticket:41)
  * List and search tags (ticket:33)
  * (bugfix) Manage reserved html characters in urls (ticket:40)
  * New spam management utilities including (partial) blacklist support

v0.4 2007-07-04

  * Preview support when editing a package (ticket:36).
  * Correctly list IP address of of not logged in users (ticket:35).
  * Improve read action for revision to list details of changed items (r179).
  * Sort out deployment using modpython.

v0.3 2007-04-12

  * System now in a suitable state for production deployment as a beta
  * Domain model versioning via the vdm package (currently released separately)
  * Basic Recent Changes listing log messages
  * User authentication (login/logout) via open ID
  * License page
  * Myriad of small fixes and improvements

v0.2 2007-02

  * Complete rewrite of ckan to use pylons web framework
  * Support for full CRUD on packages and tags
  * No support for users (authentication)
  * No versioning of domain model objects

v0.1 2006-05

NB: not an official release

  * Almost functional system with support for persons, packages
  * Tag support only half-functional (tags are per package not global)
  * Limited release and file support