ckan-i18n / UPGRADE.txt

# activate relevant virtualenv
. pyenv/bin/activate

# update to HEAD on everything
pip -E pyenv install -r pip-requirements.txt

# or just update ckan
cd pyenv/src/ckan
hg pull [-r yourrev]
# may want to check log messages first
# hg log -l 5
hg up
# only update to specific revision
# hg up -r {rev}
cd ../../../

# bring db up to date
paster --plugin ckan db upgrade --config {config.ini}

# NB: if you have updates to licenses you need to to
# paster --plugin ckan db init --config {config.ini}

# Restart apache (so modpython has latest code)
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

# Basic checks of the db and the site:
paster --plugin ckan test-data localhost --config {config.ini}

# Browse around manually!
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