ckan-i18n /

# must be outside of tests since that sets some stuff up
import os
import pylons

def load_config(filename):
    print 'loading ...'
    from paste.deploy import appconfig
    from ckan.config.environment import load_environment
    conf = appconfig('config:' + filename)
    load_environment(conf.global_conf, conf.local_conf)

import ckan.model as model
import commands

class TestMigrateTo0Point7(object):

    def setup_class(self):
        # dburi = pylons.config['sqlobject.dburi']
        dbname = 'ckantest'
        dbpass = 'pass'
        dbuser = 'ckantest'
        dump_path = os.path.abspath('migrate/ckan.sql')
        # os.system(cmd)
        # status, output = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)
        # new_wsgiapp = loadapp('config:test.ini', relative_to=conf_dir)
        # old_wsgiapp = loadapp('config:old.ini', relative_to=conf_dir)
        # = paste.fixture.TestApp(wsgiapp)
        # run migrate ...

    def test_packages(self):
        out = model.Package.query.all()
        print len(out)
        assert len(out) == 254

    def test_revisions(self):
        revs = model.Revision.query.all()
        assert len(revs) == 1586, len(revs)
        revs = model.repo.history()
        assert len(revs) == 693, len(revs)

    def test_tags(self):
        tags = model.Tag.query.all()
        assert len(tags) == 560, len(tags)

    def test_package_continuity(self):
        name = u'geonames'
        pkg = model.Package.by_name(name)
        assert == name
        assert pkg.url == u'', pkg
        assert pkg.download_url == u''
        assert len(pkg.tags) == 7, pkg.tags

    def test_package_revisions(self):
        name = u'geonames'
        pkg = model.Package.by_name(name)
        pkgrevs = pkg.all_revisions
        assert len(pkgrevs) == 4, len(pkgrevs)
        assert pkgrevs[0].revision.timestamp.year == 2007
        assert pkgrevs[-1].revision.timestamp.year == 2008
        assert pkgrevs[0].name == name, pkgrevs[0]
        assert pkgrevs[-1].name == name
        assert pkgrevs[0].download_url == None

    def test_api_key(self):
        keys = model.ApiKey.query.all()
        assert len(keys) == 3, len(keys)
        assert 'johnbywater' in keys[0].name

    def test_license(self):
        lics = model.License.query.all()
        assert len(lics) == 63, len(lics)
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