ckan-i18n / MIGRATE.txt

## v0.6 to v0.7 of CKAN

### Relevant Changes

  * Package (table) now has all attributes on it
  * State is going to be different (maybe)
  * Tag is not versioned ...
    * drop tag_revision table
    * introduce date_created attribute on main object?
  * Revision table:
    * log_message -> message
  * Only one license per package ...

  * base -> continuity on all revision objects
  * revision has no number (just id)

### Plan of Action

  1. Get a dump of current db
  2. Deploy new system code
    * but not run setup on db
  2. Run script that load old data and does tweaks
  3. Init db with new system code
  4. Check domain model
    * pkg1 = Package.query.get(...)
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