Augie Fackler avatar Augie Fackler committed 46f6b87

tests: Fix some missing suite definitions so that running the full testsuite
does not require installing nose.

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+import test_diff
 import test_fetch_branches
 import test_fetch_command
 import test_fetch_command_regexes
 import test_push_dirs
 import test_push_eol
 import test_tags
+import test_utility_commands
 def suite():
-    return unittest.TestSuite([test_fetch_branches.suite(),
+    return unittest.TestSuite([test_diff.suite(),
+                               test_fetch_branches.suite(),
+                               test_utility_commands.suite(),
 if __name__ == '__main__':


+import unittest
 from mercurial import ui
 import diff_cmd
         u = ui.ui()
         diff_cmd.diff_command(u, self.repo, self.wc_path)
         self.assertEqual(, expected_diff_output)
+def suite():
+    all = [unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(DiffTests),
+          ]
+    return unittest.TestSuite(all)


 import os
+import unittest
 import urllib # for url quoting
 from mercurial import ui
         utility_commands.print_wc_url(u, self.repo, self.wc_path)
         expected = 'file://%s\n' % urllib.quote(self.repo_path)
         self.assertEqual(, expected)
+def suite():
+    all = [unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(UtilityTests),
+          ]
+    return unittest.TestSuite(all)
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