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Patrick Mézard  committed f1919e1

fetch_command: cancel patching when encountering binary diffs

Mercurial patching code does not support hunks with embedded nul characters.

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File fetch_command.py

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         if (hasattr(e, 'apr_err') and e.apr_err != 160013):
         raise BadPatchApply('previous revision does not exist')
+    if '\0' in d:
+        raise BadPatchApply('binary diffs are not supported')
     files_data = {}
     binary_files = {}
     touched_files = {}

File tests/fixtures/binaryfiles.sh

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+# Generate binaryfiles.svndump
+mkdir temp
+cd temp
+mkdir project-orig
+cd project-orig
+mkdir trunk
+cd ..
+svnadmin create testrepo
+svn import project-orig $svnurl -m "init project"
+svn co $svnurl project
+cd project/trunk
+# Add a regular binary file, and an unflagged one
+python -c "file('binary1', 'wb').write('a\0\0\nb\0b')"
+python -c "file('binary2', 'wb').write('b\0\0\nc\0d')"
+svn add binary1 binary2
+svn propset svn:mime-type application/octet-stream binary1
+svn propdel svn:mime-type binary2
+svn ci -m 'add binaries'
+# Update them
+python -c "file('binary1', 'wb').write('a\0\0\nc\0d')"
+python -c "file('binary2', 'wb').write('b\0\0\0\nd\0e')"
+svn ci -m 'change binaries'
+# Remove them
+svn rm binary1 binary2
+svn ci -m 'remove binaries'
+cd ../..
+svnadmin dump testrepo > ../binaryfiles.svndump

File tests/fixtures/binaryfiles.svndump

Binary file added.

File tests/run.py

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+import test_binaryfiles
 import test_diff
 import test_fetch_branches
 import test_fetch_command
 import test_utility_commands
 def suite():
-    return unittest.TestSuite([test_diff.suite(),
+    return unittest.TestSuite([test_binaryfiles.suite(),
+                               test_diff.suite(),

File tests/test_binaryfiles.py

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+import unittest
+from mercurial import node
+import test_util
+class TestFetchBinaryFiles(test_util.TestBase):
+    def test_binaryfiles(self, stupid=False):
+        repo = self._load_fixture_and_fetch('binaryfiles.svndump', stupid=stupid)
+        self.assertEqual('cce7fe400d8d', str(repo['tip']))
+    def test_binaryfiles_stupid(self):
+        self.test_binaryfiles(True)
+def suite():
+    all = [unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(TestFetchBinaryFiles),
+          ]
+    return unittest.TestSuite(all)