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Aurelien Campeas
quick & dirty fix for broken search
Aurelien Campeas
move repo detection failure to the (new) right place
implement a proper revnode object
factor out mercurial repo handling in its own file
allow reordering of diffstat columns
added a diffstat column on the file list
improve diff generation
small optimization while detecting encoding
starts implementing config file
use optparse to parse config options
Fix handling of file regexp when specified on command line.
fixes for debian/sarge
the graph coloring is still not satisfactory but looks better this way
clickable graphic lines
better looking graph
fix the position of the Content mark
colorize graph edges
Shun-ichi GOTO
fix for python 2.3
Shun-ichi GOTO
fix for win32
improve find and filter box
some doc
add a gui for file & rev filters
Aurelien Campeas
done ?
Aurelien Campeas
do the right thing
Aurelien Campeas
Aurelien Campeas
'detect' not being in a repo and bail out
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