Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
hide dialog filter window
revive the file filter
pylint cleanups
- read the changelog also during idle time, improves startup speed but slows down idle time filling of the tree - reduce memory usage by using TYPE_PYOBJECT in the gtk MODEL
clickable links
fill revision list and compute graph during idle time display progress in status bar unwanted but got a big memory footprint improvement
cleanup cache changelog improve memory footprint
refactor 1
suppress automatic resizing of Log column
gui fixes (initial pane sizes)
improve searching with wrap around
better find the repository
display tags
improve diff, cleanup in marks
improve rendering : make RevLogRenderer draw short log
improve the graph
raah, graphs of subsets of nodes seem to be working
small set optimisation
cleanup & optimisations
oops forgot some files
display the revision tree
cleanup & fixes
diff in right order
champ recherche avec colorisation filtre des commit sur le nom du fichier
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