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Benoit Boissinot  committed 8046f0a

use our urlopener (proxy handling, etc) instead of urllib

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File hgext/mq.py

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 from mercurial.node import bin, hex, short
 from mercurial.repo import RepoError
 from mercurial import commands, cmdutil, hg, patch, revlog, util
-from mercurial import repair, extensions
-import os, sys, re, errno, urllib
+from mercurial import repair, extensions, url
+import os, sys, re, errno
 commands.norepo += " qclone"
                             raise util.Abort(_('need --name to import a patch from -'))
                         text = sys.stdin.read()
-                        if os.path.exists(filename):
-                            text = file(filename, 'rb').read()
-                        else:
-                            text = urllib.urlopen(filename).read()
+                        text = url.open(self.ui, filename).read()
                 except IOError:
                     raise util.Abort(_("unable to read %s") % filename)
                 if not patchname:

File mercurial/commands.py

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 from node import hex, nullid, nullrev, short
 from repo import RepoError, NoCapability
 from i18n import _, gettext
-import os, re, sys, urllib
+import os, re, sys
 import hg, util, revlog, bundlerepo, extensions, copies
 import difflib, patch, time, help, mdiff, tempfile, url
 import version, socket
             if pf == '-':
                 ui.status(_("applying patch from stdin\n"))
-                data = patch.extract(ui, sys.stdin)
+                pf = sys.stdin
                 ui.status(_("applying %s\n") % p)
-                if os.path.exists(pf):
-                    data = patch.extract(ui, file(pf, 'rb'))
-                else:
-                    data = patch.extract(ui, urllib.urlopen(pf))
+                pf = url.open(ui, pf)
+            data = patch.extract(ui, pf)
             tmpname, message, user, date, branch, nodeid, p1, p2 = data
             if tmpname is None:
         lock = repo.lock()
         for fname in fnames:
-            if os.path.exists(fname):
-                f = open(fname, "rb")
-            else:
-                f = urllib.urlopen(fname)
+            f = url.open(ui, fname)
             gen = changegroup.readbundle(f, fname)
             modheads = repo.addchangegroup(gen, 'unbundle', 'bundle:' + fname)

File tests/test-convert-darcs

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File contents unchanged.

File tests/test-mq-qimport

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 cd repo
 echo % qimport non-existing-file
-hg qimport non-existing-file
+hg qimport non-existing-file 2>&1 | sed -e 's/\(No such file or directory:\) .*/\1/'
 echo % import URL
 echo foo >> foo

File tests/test-mq-qimport.out

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 % qimport non-existing-file
-abort: unable to read non-existing-file
+abort: No such file or directory:
 % import URL
 adding url.diff to series file