tonfa/sphinx / sphinx / builders /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Plain-text Sphinx builder.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2009 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

import codecs
from os import path

from import StringOutput

from sphinx.util import ensuredir, os_path
from import Builder
from sphinx.writers.text import TextWriter

class TextBuilder(Builder):
    name = 'text'
    out_suffix = '.txt'

    def init(self):

    def get_outdated_docs(self):
        for docname in self.env.found_docs:
            if docname not in self.env.all_docs:
                yield docname
            targetname = self.env.doc2path(docname, self.outdir, self.out_suffix)
                targetmtime = path.getmtime(targetname)
            except Exception:
                targetmtime = 0
                srcmtime = path.getmtime(self.env.doc2path(docname))
                if srcmtime > targetmtime:
                    yield docname
            except EnvironmentError:
                # source doesn't exist anymore

    def get_target_uri(self, docname, typ=None):
        return ''

    def prepare_writing(self, docnames):
        self.writer = TextWriter(self)

    def write_doc(self, docname, doctree):
        destination = StringOutput(encoding='utf-8')
        self.writer.write(doctree, destination)
        outfilename = path.join(self.outdir, os_path(docname) + self.out_suffix)
        ensuredir(path.dirname(outfilename)) # normally different from self.outdir
            f =, 'w', 'utf-8')
        except (IOError, OSError), err:
            self.warn("Error writing file %s: %s" % (outfilename, err))

    def finish(self):
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