merged the multiple <script> tags into a single one and updated the image title js

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  1. Marc DM

the slider.html template was inserting javscript in to the page just below the slider. In addition to adding multiple <script> tags, it also initialized the slider at this point. I moved all of that script and the initialization into a function that is added to the js block using {% addtoblock "js" %}

Comments (2)

  1. Bertrand Bordage repo owner

    Great, thanks! That ugly list of scripts really needed a cleanup. However, I have a few concerns:

    • Thank you for forking my fork, but you should have forked the original one, This is my fault, I shouldn't have kept this fork. Now that I am admin on @Bernardo Cabezas Serra's repository, I am no longer using this one. And since Mercurial is obscure to me, I'm not sure I can merge your pull request with @Bernardo Cabezas Serra's repository as easily as I would with git.
    • This script should be splitted into three scripts, following django-sekizai doc. On a page displaying n nivoslider plugins, it prevents from loading jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js n times.
    • Have you tested if this works? (no trick question here, I just don't have time to test it right now)
    • Maybe you could do some cleanups using jQuery? :) I'll show you where.
  2. Marc DM author

    Forked. I'll make the changes you suggested, test them and submit the new pull request in a couple hours. Have to go AFK for a bit.