~ Cut the Crap, Make a Game ~

The Anticrap Game Framework is a bunch of code I find myself re-writing
whenever I want to make a new game. Some of it is useful for most games,
some of it may be useless for most games. If you use it to make a game,
you will end up ignoring some parts and changing others.

This is NOT a general purpose library; It's a framework. When you start
a game, you copy the anticrap framework into your project directory and
then start building right on top of it. It forms the foundation of your
code, and there will be no clear separation when the game is done. Feel
free to try using it externally; some of the modules might work that way.

The code is licensed under the MIT License. This means it can be used for
commercial and/or closed source projects as well as open source projects with
stricter GPL-style licenses. See the LICENSE file for details, and google
around if you don't get it. It's a pretty permissive license.

Probably the most convenient thing to do is to copy the whole 'pyglet' module
into the project directory so that end-users don't have to download/install it.
In any case, it should work as long as 'import pyglet' can find pyglet.