Globulation 2

This game is still in heavy development, so consider that:
- the graphics are not definitive,
- there is a bit of debug output,
- it's slow in some parts (like overlays),
- and it crashes sometimes.

If you get a crash, submit a bug report with the last lines of the output as
well as the log files (in ~/.glob2/logs) as attachments (preferably all
in a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file to save bandwidth).
Please use Savannah ( for bug reports.

If you got the source from mercurial, read README.hg first.


First, run 'scons' to build all targets.
Then, run 'scons install' to install them.
Finally, run 'glob2' to start and play the game.
You can read the INSTALL file for more information about these steps.

Microsoft Windows

To build the program, refer to the Mingw Compilation guide available at


For other operating systems (such as Mac OSX), check the wiki, forums, or bug
tracker for any records of other attempted compilations (and if successful, the
steps to compile yourself).

Have fun,

The Globulation 2 Team