Add ability to search user database by postal code and email accounts

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High-Level Business Requirements Allow the Council to search the backend of the website for users who life in particular areas and who have signed up for the newsletter and download the last that we have created. We would like to increase our ability to send targeted emails to users We would like the ability to search the database based on postal code and whether or not they wish to be emailed Once we have completed a search we would like to be able to export the list and upload it into our email provider

Current State Currently we are unable to complete any of the above mentioned tasks, we can’t even manually view a users account to see if they wish to receive emails from us. Solution Approach Create new filters for the back end user page: We would like to be able to input a particular postal code or code rage and have all the user that fall into the range display We would also like to add the filter “by contact by email” “yes” “no” Additional we need to be able to export those lists.

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    User page in the admin panel now displays the postal code, has the ability to search by postal code (partial match as well) and can be exported as csv.

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