Associate training with professional who created it (in front end display or directory)

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Document Purpose: This document describes the functional business requirement, “Associate training with professional who created it ”. This document will be used as the key input for the development and testing teams.

Impacted Use Case / System Components:
Use Case: Create Comment Use Case: Update Comment Use Case: View Comment Use Case: Approve Comment High-Level Business Requirements Increase the level of usefulness for organizations and professionals who are using our site all the trainings that are created by a professional or organization are displayed in their directory listing. This allows users to search the affiliate directory for an individual that they like and find all the events that they are running Allows profs/orgs to “show-off” how active their organization is. Allows for a different way for users to look for trainings.

Current State Users can only look for trainings in the trainings menu. Profs/orgs are unable to link a training that they are leading with themselves in a public way.

Solution Approach Create a new field in the affiliate directory for regular and premium level users that displays their events in their profile. (consider only offering this feature to premium level users.)

Changes create a new section in the training creation page that allows users to attach a “bio” of the event leader.(ie blog author box) This will also encourage users to update their profiles and to keep them current and looking their best. create a new section in the affiliation directory that lists all the trainings currently being run by the prof/org. this should just be a list with a link to the actual event where users are register.

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