Add topic areas to user profile.

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Document Purpose: This document describes the functional business requirement, “Add topic areas to user profile.”. This document will be used as the key input for the development and testing teams.

Impacted Use Case / System Components:
Use Case: Create Comment Use Case: Update Comment Use Case: View Comment Use Case: Approve Comment

High-Level Business Requirements Allow the Council to search the backend of the website for users who have particular interests Users can indicate which topic areas they are most interested in

Current State When users create their profile we don’t have a way collect information about them and their areas of interest. This would help us to create groups of affiliates and reach out to particular users based on their area of interest.

Solution Approach Add additional information into the user account page with a full listing of our main topic areas Allow users to tick off as many subjects as they would like In the back end of the site allow the admin user to search users by topic of interest.

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