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Document Purpose: This document describes the functional business requirement, “Reply to comments and receive email notifications”. This document will be used as the key input for the development and testing teams.

Impacted Use Case / System Components:
Use Case: Create Comment Use Case: Update Comment Use Case: View Comment Use Case: Approve Comment High-Level Business Requirements The following needs to apply for both Forum Tool and General Comment Areas / sections. All users can reply to user’s comments made on website pages User (Admin, Parent Affiliates, Professional Affiliates and Organizational affiliates, or anyone with an account on the system) to receive email notification for replies by other users or system admin to their comments. User should have an option to turn off or on the “Comment reply notification” function if they check or unchecked the box.

Current State Forums Comment function is not working in the forum section. User can type into the comment field, but comments are not saved.

Comments If a user comments on something asking a question there is no way for them to know when admin or someone else has responded to their comment. They have to manually keep coming back to the site to see. See below BR-012-AsIS1 and BR-012-AsIS2 print-screen charts.

Comments do not cascade or have hierarchy to indicate comments that are replayed to by other users. All comments look like new or individual comments without have a link/indication that it is related to the previous comment.

BR-012-AsIS1-Forum Tool -- No reply option

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.05.29 AM.png

BR-012-AsIS2 Comment Areas -- No reply option

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.05.41 AM.png Solution Approach When a user makes a comment on the website they can click on a checkbox that subscribes them to notifications.(this is currently a feature in the forum section, but not in the rest of the site) So when someone else comments on that thread they will receive an email notification. The system admin also should receive the notification from both Forum Tool and Commun Areas when new comments have been made.

This new comment system should to have a maximum of two levels. One is the main comment and the second level is all the comments which are related to the main comment. Note: comment Areas/ sections. At the moment the Admin is receiving notifications when a comment is placed on a page (Comment Areas), but not when a commented is added in the Forum Tool. Changes To include beside the comment section a “Comment Reply Notification” checkbox with the Solution Approach described in this document. Include a check box at the top of the comment area that will allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe to comments in a particular thread. Examples

Reply to comments

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.05.46 AM.png

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    This would require replacing the current commenting system with a one that supports nested commenting. If the decision is made to implement a new system, the existing comments will be removed.

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