Robert Brewer committed 07f3aad

Split process_request_body into two flags instead (new request.body_read flag to signal that the request body has already been read).

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     rfile = None
     process_request_body = True
     body = None
+    body_read = False
     # Dispatch attributes
     script_name = ""
-                if self.process_request_body:
+                if self.process_request_body and not self.body_read:
                     # Check path-specific methods_with_bodies.
                     meths = self.config.get("methods_with_bodies", ("POST", "PUT"))
                     self.process_request_body = self.method in meths
                 if self.process_request_body:
-                    # Guard against re-reading body on InternalRedirect
-                    self.process_request_body = False
                 if self.handler:
     def process_body(self):
         """Convert request.rfile into request.params (or request.body)."""
+        # Guard against re-reading body (e.g. on InternalRedirect)
+        if self.body_read:
+            return
+        self.body_read = True
         # FieldStorage only recognizes POST, so fake it.
         methenv = {'REQUEST_METHOD': "POST"}
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