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Benjamin Geißler
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Shouldn't be disambiguate-add-year-suffix set to false instead of true? Because <if disambiguate="true"> validates only true if there are still ambiguous values "after applying the selected disambiguation methods", but disambiguate-add-year-suffix will always disambiguate ambiguous citations (if there is a year), in this case to Doe et al. (2000a); Doe et al. (2000b).

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  1. Frank Bennett

    Well spotted. I think the specification should be amended here; the behaviour illustrated in the test seems logically correct. As you say, year-suffix disambiguation will always succeed, so it is (and should be) the last method attempted, immediately after any disambiguate="true" conditionals in the style have been tried.

  2. Rintze Zelle

    Just to make sure I got this right. In the spec, we currently have the following order for disambiguation attempts:

    1. Show more names
    2. Expand names (adding initials or full given names)
    3. Add a year-suffix
    4. Render the cite with the disambiguate attribute of cs:choose conditions testing "true"

    So we should switch 3 and 4? (and amend the rest of the text as needed)

  3. Frank Bennett

    (Sorry for the empty post!)

    Yes. In citeproc-js the sequence for trials is disambiguate="true", then year-suffix. I might have changed to that sequence after seeing your note, but in any case it has to be that way, since year-suffix always clears.

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