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Benjamin Geißler
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Shouldn't be the result ed. by Σαββίδης Γ. Π. instead of ed. by Γ. Π. Σαββίδης? <name and="text" delimiter=", "/> has no form attribute, so the default value "long" will be used. The order for non-latin/Cyrillic names with form set to "long" is

  1. family
  2. given

which would result in Σαββίδης Γ. Π.

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  1. Frank Bennett

    Wikipedia suggests that Greek names work more or less like the rest of the European languages, allowing the given name in first or last position depending on context (at the end of the linked passage):

    In the specification, Cyrillic should be dropped from the latter heading I think, so: "Display and sorting order of non-latin names". In the code and documentation of citeproc-js I've used "Byzantine/non-Byzantine" as the categories, in an attempt to capture the cultures that use "Western" conventions for name order. Greek and Cyrillic are "Byzantine", so the behaviour in the test is what is intended.

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