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I think these two tests have wrong results. According to CSL-1.0.1, which introduces cite grouping, all cited items belong to the same cite group and so the delimeter between citations should either be the value of the "cite-group-delimiter" option or ", " (and not the delimeter set in the cs:layout element).

So the results should be:

Smith 2000a–e, 2001
Smith 2000a;c–e, 2001

and not:

Smith 2000a–e;2001
Smith 2000a;c–e;2001

To get these results you should set the "cite-group-delimiter" option to ";":


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  1. Rintze Zelle

    I found an email I sent to Frank on Nov 16, 2012 where I implicitly might have suggested that "delimiter" on cs:layout should override the default value of "cite-group-delimiter". But I think that that is more confusing than helpful, and it's clearly not aligned with what ended up in the CSL 1.0.1 spec. So yes, you're probably right.


    Spec entry:

  2. arossato reporter

    what you suggested does not seem to be the rule applied by Frank.

    In these tests the ", " default seems to be used: bugreports_CollapseFailure bugreports_DisambiguationAddNames bugreports_SortSecondaryKey sort_AuthorDateWithYearSuffix

    but not here: disambiguate_YearCollapseWithInstitution disambiguate_YearSuffixWithEtAlSubequent date_YearSuffixDelimiter and in the 2 reported tests.

    I'm not able tot understand whether there is a rule I cannot see.

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