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Issue #21 resolved


Rintze Zelle
created an issue

As discussed on the xbiblio mailing list[*], I'd like to propose a new backwards-compatible hierarchical name attribute, delimiter-precedes-et-al, that would function similarly to delimiter-precedes-last.

By default, the delimiter between the et-al term and the preceding name(s) is contextual (a space for a single preceding name, the name delimiter for multiple names). With the delimiter-precedes-et-al attribute (default of "contextual"), it would be possible to force (value of "always") or prevent (value of "never") the use of the name delimiter for the two cases.

[*] http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=A97B942C-DF3C-4AB7-81E1-4F91DB7C6568%40simonster.com

Modified spec description: http://bitbucket.org/bdarcus/csl-docs/changeset/7a2bc6389c2d

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